Capricorn - Zodiac Illustration Print by Andrea Del Hoyo

Capricorn - Zodiac Illustration Print by Andrea Del Hoyo

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‘The Zodiac Genesis’ collection, tells the origin of how each of the twelve astrological signs was created, showing all the elements that defined each of its own strengths, weaknesses, traits, desires, and way of viewing the world.

Capricorn is known as the sign of the goat ruled by Saturn. This earth sign possesses positive traits, they can be very trustworthy, stable, ambitious, and patient; but on the other side in some circumstances, they can also be materialistic, conservative, dull, and cold. The flowers associated with this sign are the Pansies, which symbolize free-thinking, consideration, critical thinking, remembrance, and nostalgia; another flower is the Jasmine which can also be the representative of Capricorn as it blooms at night only signifying humility. One of Capricorn’s birthstone gems is the Garnet, this gemstone is believed to conduct the energies of the planet Saturn with which it is sympathetic, and wearing jewelry containing the gemstone will focus the energies of the planet and sign through the gem.

Illustration by Andrea Del Hoyo

Limited to 25 prints

• Paper thickness: 10.3 mil
• Size: 20 inch (h) x 16 inch (w)
• Paper weight: 5.57 oz/y² (189 g/m²)
• Giclée printing quality
• Binder clips not included