The Birth of Adwin

Now that you have met Adwin at the store, it is time to let me tell you how I created him. 

Adwin was born after I graduated from University. At that time, I wanted to learn to create graphics as this has always been my passion. In 2008 I created Adwin using Adobe Illustrator and he is the cartoon version of me. 

Above: First draft of Adwin

As the cartoon version of me, Adwin is always wearing the big headphones because both of us love music and music inspires me to create. He has an adventurous personalty so he is always out there experiencing different things. 

Many of my close friends have seen Adwin and he constantly puts a smile on their faces. I always wanted to give Adwin a bigger platform but didn't know what to do until I opened the online store. I believe it is time for him to shine and become the mascot of Draw A Dot since he has attitude of an artist. 

As you can see, Adwin has evolved throughout the years and you can now purchase his tote bags and prints that are inspired by his adventure (aka how life has inspired me to create these illustrations). I also have a lot of characters in my vault so hopefully one day you will get to meet them!