Where do you ship?
Draw A Dot ships worldwide.
How much is shipping?
The shipping cost is depending on where you live. Please check the shipping cost at the check out page before you click the pay now button. 
How long will I need to wait to get my print?
Please allow us up to 2 business days to process your order. After that, It will take 14 -21 business days to deliver the prints to your shipping address. 
What is your sales policy?
All Sales Are Final. At this time, Draw A Dot does not offer refunds or exchanges.

Product Information 

Note: All prices are in US dollar. 
How long are illustrations available to purchase? 
There are 25 prints of each illustration and they are available for one month only. We rotate our featured illustrators every month, so you can look forward to seeing new illustrators and their works at the beginning of each month!
Can I choose another size for the print? 
Currently we only offer one size (16 in x 20 in) for all the prints. 
If the print is sold out, will you reprint more?
We will not be reproducing more after the print is sold out.
Is tax included in the price? 


Who can sell the prints on the Draw A Dot online store?
This opportunity is open to artists who are members of our Patreon group. We will be selecting illustrators from the group to sell their work, either by highlighting their portfolios or their entries from the open calls. 
When I am selling on the Draw A Dot online store, do I need to pay Draw A Dot anything? 
No. The only thing you will need to pay is your Patreon membership. The payment you receive is the net profit from the sales of your artwork.
Do I own the rights to my works when I sell at the Draw A Dot online store? 
100%! The only restrictions are that you are not allowed to sell the prints in 16(in) x 20(in) format on your online store, during the time you are selling at Draw A Dot online store. And you cannot sell the same illustrations (in different sizes) while those specific illustrations are selling on the Draw A Dot online store. This prevents direct competition and conflict of interest.
Do you promote my prints when I am selling at the Draw A Dot online store?
Yes! We will do that on our social media platforms. You are also encouraged to market your prints to your customers. 
For other questions, please email us at shop@drawadot.com or contact us at +1 (416)-616-8545.