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Pini is based in Los Angeles, by way of Boston; where he earned his degree at Massachusetts College of Art + Design. He is currently working in a mainly digital platform while maintaining the emotional and raw strokes of traditional utensils. Utilizing his professional training in illustration (beginning in 2000) and fashion design (beginning in 2010), he combines the two in his illustration, fashion design and fashion illustration projects.

Many of his projects surround his interests, which include; astrology, mental health, queer stories, human relationships, social issues, fashion & nature.
No Nightmares, No Dreams Series
Digital rendering

This set of works focuses on the prayer I used to tell myself every night before I went to sleep as a child. These semi-abstract figures formed by emotional markings all represent different responses to fear. “God bless everyone I know and love, keep me safe, and watch over me. Please let me have no nightmares, no dreams. I love you, God, amen.” Although I am not religious now, this prayer is something I’ve touched on in my mental health and shadow work journey. This limited series was sold out and is being exclusively re-released with Draw A Dot.

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