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Daniel Muñoz is a man with many talents. His journey of self-discovery and passion for beauty started early on in his beloved birth country of Guatemala. Ever since his early years, Daniel was always creating beauty. He remembers sketching as early as age 4. He was inspired to draw flowers, cartoon characters, nature, and everything he saw as beautiful.

At the age 8, after the tragic and sudden death of his father, Daniel’s mother decided to reallocate the family and leave Guatemala for Los Angeles, CA. This was a very hard and confusing time for Daniel. As always, Daniel found comfort in his art creating imaginary characters inspired by his new world in CA. In high school, at the age of 16 Daniel began sketching fashion illustrations inspired by his love for Versace. His passion only grew stronger after graduating high school in Omaha, NE.

In 2010 after many years of trying and perfecting his skills in fashion design, Daniel was invited to show his first high-end clothing collection in his hometown. The collection was a total success. Daniel suddenly found himself in the city’s spotlight. Daniel began traveling around the USA showing his collection in several fashion weeks throughout the country. In 2013 Daniel was ready to make his next move, that’s when the opportunity to move to NYC became a reality. A good friend of Daniel, top model Samantha Gradoville invited Daniel to try his luck in the big apple. Daniel’s talent and connections opened up new doors and before long, Daniel was working in the world of high fashion.

Daniel curiosity in all things beauty let him expand his knowledge and enroll in beauty school. Daniel Left NY to enrolled in beauty school to learn the art of hairdressing. Daniel graduated from beauty school and continued in his mission to create beauty. He moved soon after graduating from school to sunny Los Angeles again. He was fortunate to land a position in Beverly Hills as an apprentice hairdresser in the prestigious Beverly Hills salon, At Tramp. Several celebrities and high-end clients were impressed with Daniel’s impeccable talent for hair color and attention to detail.

Since his time in LA Daniel has continued to develop his skills in art and expanded his creativity. Once again he has begun to show his creativity in illustration and has become a celebrated fashion illustrator, working with several high-end global brands. Even international global icon, Jennifer Lopez has recognized Daniel’s incredible creativity and talents. She featured him on her social media and has acknowledged publicly her love for his art and talents.

Now in 2021 after many, many years of perfecting his skills in art, hair, and beauty Daniel finds himself again in New York City. He is back in the city continuing to pursue his goals and become a recognized artist. He is working on his first solo art show happening October 15th 2021 in NYC. This private event will be his reintroduction to the New York fashion scene.

Daniel’s talents continue to impress his followers and now he also begins to receive invitations to be backstage as a live illustrator at New York fashion week. Daniel feels so proud and happy to continue his journey in this amazing world of high fashion, beauty, and art.

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